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Praise God.  thanks for coming to our site.   We believe in using several different ways to reach people with Christ.  

There are a lot of non Christian movies…. SO… let’s start using movies to share our faith in Christ.


TJN WORLD and USA HEARTBEAT, INC supports CatalystMovies.com in bringing you a new Faith, Family based movie each week.

Join us on this website at 7pm Eastern time Friday and Sunday nights to watch the movie live.



This is a power movie about an evil that exists in our world.  Child trafficking.   Watch the trailer. Watch the movie, then do something.

God’s  children are not for sale.

We love this Kendricks Brother’s movie WAR ROOM.  It is the story of prayer and believing God can changes hearts and lives. 


 THE JESUS REVOLUTION follows the real  life story of two people who were active in the revival of the 1970s called the JESUS REVOLUTION.   We pray God does it again?

A great Christian movie is BIG GEORGE FOREMAN.  It released April 28, 2023 and now is available on DVD and to show to churches for private showings. is the story of how God played a big role in Big George’s life.   An example that anyone can be touched by God.

It’s a powerful,  TRUE STORY.  Help us all promote it.     If you want to help promote the movie, or buy group  tickets, click this link for more details. 

This is a movie about homelessness, specifically in Las Vegas and how it affected one performer on “the strip”.    You can watch the full movie here, free of charge.   

Film maker John Pate talks to Christ Fellowship church in Ringgold, Georgia April 11, 2023 about the making of FAITH WINS, THE WILDCARD OF THE STRIP.